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az-a-rī´a עזריהוּ, ‛ăzaryāhū and עזריה, ‛ăzaryāh, “YHWH has helped” or "whom YHWH helps"):

(1) King of Judah. See Uzziah.

(2) Son of Ethan, a Judahite of the house of Ethan the Wise (1 Chronicles 2:8).

(3) The son of Jehu, descended from an Egyptian through the daughter of Sheshan (1 Chronicles 2:38).

(4) A son of Ahimaaz and grandson of Zadok (1 Chronicles 6:9). He succeeded his grandfather Zadok as high priest (1 Chronicles 6:9; 1 Kings 4:2) in the days of Solomon. He officiated at the consecration of the temple (1 Chronicles 6:10).

(5) A son of Zadok the high priest and an official of Solomon (1 Kings 4:2).

(6) A high priest and son of Johanan, high priest in the reign of Abijah and Asa (1 Chronicles 6:10, 1 Chronicles 6:11).

(7) A Levite, ancestor of Samuel, and Heman the singer (1 Chronicles 6:36).

(8) A son of Nathan and captain of Solomon's tax collectors (1 Kings 4:5).

(9) A remarkable prophet in the reign of King Asa; his father's name was Oded (2 Chronicles 15:1-8). He stirred up the king and the people to a great national reformation.

(10 and 11) Two sons of Jehoshaphat, king of Judah (2 Chronicles 21:2).

(12) King of Judah (2 Chronicles 22:6, called Ahaziah in 2 Chronicles 22:1).

(13) A son of Jeroham, who helped to overthrow Athaliah, and place Joash on the throne (2 Chronicles 23:1).

(14) A son of Johanan and a leading man of Ephraim, mentioned in connection with the emancipated captives taken by Pekah (2 Chronicles 28:12).

(15) A Levite of the family of Merari, who took part in cleansing the temple in the days of Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 29:12).

(16) A high priest who rebuked King Uzziah, king of Judah for arrogating to himself priestly functions (2 Kings 14:21; 2 Chronicles 26:16-20). He was contemporary with the prophets Isaiah, Amos, and Joel.

(17) The father of Seraiah and son of Hilkiah (1 Chronicles 6:13 f).

(18) A son of Hoshaiah, and a bitter enemy of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 43:2).

(19) One of the royal captives taken to Babylon, whose name was changed to Abed-Nego (Daniel 1:6, Daniel 1:7, Daniel 1:11, Daniel 1:16). He was of the royal family of Judah, and with his other two companions remarkable for his personal beauty and his intelligence as well as piety.

(20) The son of Maaseiah, who helped repair the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 3:23 f).

(21) A Levite who assisted Ezra to expound the Law (Nehemiah 8:7).

(22) A priest who sealed the covenant (Nehemiah 10:2).

(23) A prince of Judah mentioned in connection with the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 12:32 f).

(24) High priest in the days of Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 31:10-13). Of the house of Zadok.

(25)Several other priests and Levites of this name are mentioned (1 Chronicles 6:36; Ezra 7:1; 1 Chronicles 9:11, etc.).

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